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Run Instant Data Analysis (Auto-Analysis)

Run Instant Data Analysis (Auto-Analysis)

With Visyond, you can run instant data analysis in your spreadsheets without having vast background knowledge of various analysis techniques or having to spend long hours on long manual setups.

What Instant Data Analysis does

Auto-analysis transforms a tedious, lengthy (it takes hours or days with traditional spreadsheets) and error-prone manual setup for routine spreadsheet analyses, into a 1-click job generating insightful reports ready to be presented and updated on the fly.

The best way to appreciate Visyond potential when used standalone (i.e., before you invite collaborators) is to create a model (or import one from Excel) and run auto-analysis on a cell of interest (e.g., revenues, profits, IRR, NPV).

Visyond will automatically run all the modules below using heuristics (you can then go to the each module and run it again with custom values if you so wish):

Tornado Analysis – Will tell you what are the most important input for the output cell

Sensitivity Analysis – Heuristic: will run a two-way sensitivity on the two most important input by varying them from a minimum of the current value -50% and a maximum of current value +50%.

Scenario Analysis – Heuristic: Visyond varies each of the top 5 input by -/+ 50% and create new cases with these values. We call an “increasing case”, a case that increases the output value; a “decreasing case” a case that decreases the output value.

Note that we cannot use “optimistic” or “pessimistic” as we do not know whether you consider the value increase of the output cell a good thing (think about costs going up).

An “Increasing Scenario” and a “Decreasing Scenario” are constructed by switching the 5 most important input cell to their increasing and decreasing case respectively.

Monte Carlo simulations – Heuristic: the top 5 input cells are modeled as Normal Distributions with a mean set on their base value and a standard deviation of 50% of the base value. Obviously this can be completely wrong (e.g., imagine “inflation”) but gives you the opportunity to see how the module works, get familiar with it, and customize it with the right probability distribution (e.g., A Triangular Distribution is more appropriate for inflation or you can read the tutorial on Monte Carlo simulation and see how to find out what is an appropriate distribution for your data).

Export Modules to PowerPoint or Visyond Slides

You can export each module to PowerPoint or Visyond native interactive HTML slides (you can present and change values directly in presentation mode).

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July 30, 2019

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