Reports and presentations (dashboards and slides)

Reports and presentations (dashboards and slides)

Report / Slides TAB

Visyond’s interactive slides can be used as a comprehensive analysis/presentation tool, where you design a simple interface and share only this with your stakeholders for them to run what-if analysis without dealing with the intricacies of a spreadsheet.

You can use slides to discuss the impact of changes: for example, you can change an input cell and observe how the output changes without breaking or altering the spreadsheet.

In the slides you can use and show all the “assets” you have built in Visyond (sensitivities, simulations, tornados,  charts, etc.) and add text, tables and input/output cells.



Report / Overview TAB

Model reports and presentations are automatically generated in Visyond.

When you run any analysis, you will find various option (see image below) to:

  • Print (and save as PDF from the browser print dialog)
  • Export to PPT
  • Export to Visyond Slides (native HTML slides that can contain charts, tables and cell values synchronized with the model).

These reports provide context and are very useful when you are asked questions like: “What assumptions were selected when you printed this chart?”. Visyond makes data tracking easy and everybody is now accountable for what they say and do.


in the Report  / Overview TAB you will find:

  • A summary of all the cells with multiple assumptions and which case is currently selected
  • List of scenarios and which one is currently selected
  • For each scenario, a list of its driving cells and the possibility to compare multiple scenarios and see only the cells that make them different
  • List of comments and files in cells
  • List of unused cells (non-formula cells that do not drive other cells)


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January 21, 2020

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