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Link External Sources to Visyond cells

Link Excel Files

You can link Excel files to a Visyond project and refer to their cells in formulas.

Click on the Sources button to open the Sources Panel:

Open the External Sources panel

Select an Excel file (e.g. My Other Spreadsheet.xlsx), and click Add Source. You can also change the name of the source (e.g. MyData).

External Sources panel

Go to any cell and type a formula as =[MyData]1!A1+1, where 1! is the first Excel worksheet (from the left) containing cell A1:

Refer to an External Source in a cell

After the value is entered, the cell containing a reference to an External Source will be highlighted:

This cell refers to an external source and is highlighted in blue

Other Sources

We will add more external sources over time (e.g., web pages for live data).

Should you have any specific requirements for integrations, please contact us.

Updated on January 13, 2022

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