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Manage Named Ranges in Visyond

Visyond helps you easily manage Named Ranges.

Create Named Ranges Using the Textbox

One way to create a Named Range is to:

  1. Select a range in the spreadsheet
  2. Type the name in the textbox on the top left

In the example below row 18 has a natural name Revenues – Total, and the textbox displays the selected range: Revenues_Total[01_01_2022]:Revenue_Total[01_03_2022].

Selected range

To give a name to this range, type its name in the textbox (e.g. Q1 Revenues) and press the Enter key:

Creating a Named Range

Create Named Ranges Using the Named Ranges Panel

The Named Ranges panel displays all the Named Ranges in the project.

Open the Named Ranges Panel

Open the panel by clicking on the N button:

Open the Named Ranges panel

Type a new name, a range (or a formula that returns a range), and click ‘Add’ to create a new Named Range.

Named Ranges panel

Edit and Delete Named Ranges

Click on the Name or Range to edit them. Click on the bin icon to delete the range.

When you delete a range, all its occurrences will be replaced with the corresponding range.

Updated on January 13, 2022

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