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How to Learn Visyond – Help and Training

How to Learn Visyond – Help and Training

Master Visyond in No Time

Visyond uses a spreadsheet-like interface you are familiar with and it will take you a very short time to master the platform. You can import your existing Excel models into Visyond so you don’t have to rebuild them.

There are no menus to learn. Any action that can be carried out on a cell is listed in a context menu on right-click.

How to Access Help and Training?

The Help and Training center is always available by clicking the Help & Training button in the top bar.


There you will find several options:

  • What’s your Goal?: Opens the Goals panel that will show you how to achieve specific goals with Visyond, for example, how to compare scenarios. [See below]
  • Training Mode: Will walk you through the features and workflows of the current module step-by-step. [See below]
  • Talk to Us: Press the button and leave us a message.
  • Resources: Will take you to this Knowledge Base with tutorials, guides and help articles.
  • Case Studies: Will take you to the Case Studies section of our website.
  • Search bar: Allows you to search the Knowledge Base directly from the application.


What’s your Goal

The Goal panel contains a list of specific use-cases, or goals, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific tasks, for example, comparing scenarios. When activated, Visyond will automatically hide unnecessary user interface elements (e.g. buttons) and will highlight elements you need to interact with.

Below is an example of the Compare and Analyze Scenarios goal:

Training Mode

The Training Mode can be enabled at any time by clicking the Help & Training button in the top bar. It will introduce you to all the functions available to you and show you how to use the modules.

The Training button is also available in other modules, for example in Analyze -> Sensitivity:


Below is an example of the Training Mode for the Build module:

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November 24, 2020

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