Create Waterfall Charts

Create Waterfall Charts

Would you like to create a Waterfall Chart in one click?

Prepare your data

In this example we want to visualise the contribution of revenues and expenses and then group them by category. Type names in the “Nmes” column to benefit from Visyond’s Natural Names.

Select the data and hover on the sandwich menu

Click on “Chart Cells” and select “Vertical Waterfall”: your chart is ready!

Customize and create groups of bars

Click on the chart to open its Settings Panel, customize it and group bars.

For example, you can:

Change the title and palette


Drag all revenues into a group called Revenues, and all expenses into a group called Expenses

An example

The following GIF shows how to rename a chart, change its palette and group bars.

how to
August 11, 2018

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