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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have a Mac, press Command instead of Ctrl.




Ctrl + c Copy
Ctrl + x Cut
Ctrl + v Paste
Ctrl + s Save
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + y Redo
Ctrl + Shift + a Go to previous worksheet.

(some keys like PageUp and Page Down cannot be used by web apps)

Ctrl + Shift + z Go to next worksheet.

When on a cell

Ctrl + project a cell (using the square handle or projection arrows) In a non-formula cell, it copies values across instead of projecting them.

Ctrl + Arrows Pressing Ctrl and any arrow key, will take you to the last populated cell in that direction.  If you are on an empty cell, it will find you the edge of the next filled cell.

When on a cell containing a natural name, they will act as shortcuts for the cell context menu (hover on the menu item to learn its shortcut):

  • Ctrl + Arrow Right will indent right if possible
  • Ctrl + Arrow Left will indent left if possible
  • Ctrl + Arrow Up will collapse the group if possible
  • Ctrl + Arrow Dow will expand the group if possible
Ctrl + Shift + Arrows Will extend your current selection to the last populated cell in that direction. You can always use Shift+Arrows to adjust your selection cell by cell.
Shift + Arrows Select ranges.
F4  (on Windows)


Ctrl + d (on Mac)

Will cycle through all the combinations of locked and unlocked references when you are editing a formula and the cursor is on a particular reference.

F2 Edit cell
Ctrl + k Opens the cases panel
Ctrl + i Opens the information panel
Ctrl + g Opens the goal seek panel
Ctrl + f Opens the format panel


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February 29, 2020

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