Understand the impact of cell changes

Understand the impact of cell changes

Ever wondered what input cells have the greatest impact on a key output so you can analyse them and understand how to reduce your costs, grow your revenues or increase/decrease any important Key Performance Indicator?

You can use auto-analysis to get a comprehensive analysis and report with one click: How to run Autoanalysis in Visyond.

How can I know which input cells have the greatest impact on a certain output?

Tornado Analysis will tell you how much a selected output is sensitive to fixed changes in driver cells. You will be able to answer questions like: ‘By what percentage the Output changes when the drivers, one by one, change by x%?

A Tornado chart is simple to read and understand and can help you present with impact.


See How to run Tornado Analysis in Visyond

How can I observe the changes of an output cell when one or two input change?

You built your model and the answer is “Profit = USD 100M”. Your manager of client asks “ok, but WHAT-IF this or that changes?”.WHAT-IF questions are very common and with Visyond you can answer them in a few clicks.

Sensitivity analysis helps you understand the relationship between input and output variables in a model.

running sensitivity analysis

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July 30, 2019

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