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Audit Mode and Cell Formatting

Audit Mode and Cell Formatting

Audit Mode

Visyond is designed to drastically cut the time and effort involved in auditing models and debugging formulas.

Audit mode is turned on by default in Visyond when you create a new project. If you are importing from Excel, it is turned off so you can see the same formatting you had in your Excel file.

In the audit mode each cell looks different based on the type of data it contains.

  • Cells with yellow background contain hard coded values, cells with white background contain formulas:
    • Blue font: numbers or percentages
    • Green font: dates
    • Purple font: strings
  • Cells with red borders and fonts indicate wrong or incomplete formulas, or other function-specific errors

In Visyond you can also attach files to individual cells, leave comments on a cell or create cases (assumptions) for each cell.

The cell containing this metadata will display:

  • Dropdown icon: there are multiple assumption in the cell.
  • Blue dot: there are comments.
  • Green dot there are attachments.

Click on the dropdown to change assumptions. If you need edit them, click Ctrl/Cmd + k, or right click on the cell and click the “Cases” option in the menu.

Click on the blue or green icon to open the information panel.


Cell Formatting

Hover or right-click on any cell to open the Format Panel.

You can align text, change colors, draw borders, change font size, decimal digits, etc.

When Audit Mode is on, you will not be able to see custom formats you apply (e.g., cell color background) as the auto formatting will prevail.


We recommend that you keep the Audit mode on to get a bird’s eye view of the model structure, row trends and potential errors.

Prefixes and Suffixes

You can format cells adding prefixes and suffixes to improve readability and auditing. For example you can select a range and add “USD” as a prefix and ” / m” as suffix if you want to highlight these cells display figures in USD per month. Formatting does not affect calculations.

Prefixes and suffixes
Prefixes and suffixes

Unit Formatting

In Visyond you can format a cell value in different units, avoiding unnecessary intermediate calculations to visualise numbers in certain units. This improves readability, auditability and reporting.

Select cells and set their units in the Format Panel. Note changing formatting does not affect calculations.

Unit Formatting
Unit Formatting
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August 11, 2018

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