Analysis Overview

Analysis Overview

In the ANALYSIS/Overview Tab you will find:

  1. A What-If Calculator, to stress test the model without tampering with the spreadsheet; and
  2.  An Analysis Summary Dashboard,

What-If Calculator

Colleagues and clients, especially those who do not like interacting with spreadsheets, can play with assumptions in this simple environment.

Add key input and output cells, or run Tornado Analysis or Autoanalysis on a cell of interest to know what input are important for that cell.

Note that any changes to the input cells here will not change the spreadsheet, so stakeholders will be able to test changes without compromising the integrity of the model.

This functionality in also available in Visyond’s Slides: you can build online slides/dashboards and share only them (without the spreadsheet “calculation engine”) in order to simplify the interaction with the model or to hide unnecessary/confidential information.

Analysis Summary

This dashboard shows all the charts in the analysis modules, for a convenient overview of sensitivities and risks.

You can export this dashboard to PPT or Visyond native interactive HTML slides with a click (you can present and change values directly in presentation mode).

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January 3, 2019

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